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Bet Wallet does an amazing job of covering all your favorite sports and more. You may even discover new sports you never knew existed as you browse their betting markets. It is great to be able to learn and grow, rather than being stuck in a single sportsbook.

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Bet Wallet has changed my whole approach to sports betting. I know have a tool to level the playing field with sportsbooks, plus I can watch the games too! Love this thing.

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The Travelocity for sportsbooks.

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One of the biggest problems for someone who likes to have multiple sports betting accounts is logging in and out multiple times. Bet Wallet solves the problem with having all my accounts in one place for a seamless betting experience

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As a major sports fan but a new to betting, I love that Bet Wallet points me to where the best odds and bonus plays are for my favorite teams. This app rocks!

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I can follow every team, every sport and have all my sports betting accounts in a single app. The push notifications on scores and best plays gives me the edge every sports fan should have.

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Bet Wallet is to Sportsfans like what water is to fish, I can't live without out it

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Pure fire for anyone serious about sports betting. Best betting app on the market

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